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2006 01 Nominated as an INNO BIZ (by SMBA)
2008 03 Registered with KEPCO Namby Branch as the qualified service provider (for maintenance of power generation equipment)
03 Registered with KEPCO as a vendor
08 Developed the Butterfly Valve with Attachable Seat
09 Awarded the SMBA President's Prize
2010 04 Certified as the New Exporters 200 by KITA
2011 01 Awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower Prize
02 Developed the localized Metal Contact-type Radiator Valve
02 Opened the second factory at Gimhae City
2012 06 Nominated as the Excellent Employer by the Governor of Gyeongsangnamdo Province
2014 01 Designated Global hidden champion company from Ministry of Employment and Labor
05 Ball valve pattern – Leak prevent ball valve pattern no 10-1402245
07 Designated to desired working place from Kyungnam Small and Medium administrator
12 Appointed at Efficient product company – “Leak prevent metal ball valve from Small and Medium administrator”
2015 04 Appointed – NET “Ball valve machining technology for Power plant drain pipe line”
10 Won gold price from International Development fair held in Germany at New product >> Idea.
2016 01 1st factory movement – 24-2 Palyong-dong, Euchang-gu, Changwon-si.
04 Ball valve pattern No – 10-1619447
11 BTX 2nd factory – new product line establish
“ GIS,GCB mechanism & conductor production line”
“ IL-DONG METAL production line merge”